Take your pricing off of your website? Or leave it on? Neither. Use it.

Price Rx is an innovative new website plugin for CrossFit websites. We simply place it on your existing website and it triples the amount of people taking action toward trying your box. Our users are averaging 84 additional leads a month, 36 additional conversations with hot leads a month, and 2-4 additional members a week from it. The best part: It's free to trial for 1-month.  

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The Science Behind it...

Problem: Most people that visit your website aren’t taking action.


Why? They are obviously interested, but have concerns, distractions, or don't understand the value behind CrossFit. They don't take action, leave your website, and go back to their comfortable ways. 


The Solution: Help them take action. Price Rx intelligently captures your visitors email, educates them so they are more likely to take action, then starts a conversation with them, so we can debunk their concerns, kill procrastination, and invite them into the box... All done automatically, so you can relax. 


The Science behind it: Nearly all new site visitors will click your pricing, it’s the most valuable information to them, it's the thing they can't resist knowing... So, we use it. Once they click Pricing, a box pops up that asks: “Where should we send pricing?” They enter their email and instantly receive a pricing summary in their inbox, with education and a call to action. BUT here’s the good stuff: Now WE can be proactive about getting them into the box. 30ish mins later we shoot them a personal email from you, that starts a conversation with them. Half of the people that request pricing, respond to this 1st email. The others who don’t respond, we follow up with 2 more automatic personal emails, which bumps response rate up to around 70%. 


The Result: Now your site is producing 3-4x the amount of leads, conversations, and box visits than it was before. Those who were leaving due to concerns, get their concerns answered and those who were procrastinating, get help taking action. AND you are starting a conversation with this person WAY before any other gym has a chance. "If you're not first, you're last." - Ricky Bobby. 


The Beauty: It’s a simple solution that works like magic, immediately, without any ad spend or other non-sense. Your website will now be a member producing machine. 


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30-Day Free Trial

Don't sing it, bring it. We'll place Price Rx on your site for free. Put it to the test for 4-weeks. After 4-weeks, we'll have a chat. If it kills it like usual, you can keep it. If you aren't satisfied, we'll simply take it off. No card information is exchanged before hand. Let it prove it's worth.


What's the cost of your unlimited, month-to-month membership? That's how much Price Rx costs per month. No term commitments.

Basically, it costs one of your own memberships. If that's $175/month, this costs $175/month. All you need to do is acquire one new member with Price Rx and it's already paid for itself.

Ps. You might be wondering why don't we use Price Rx on our own site... Well, if you are reading this, there's a high chance we're already in touch with you.

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We Place It On Your Site

Try it 4 Weeks For Free


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Schedule a 10-min Intro Chat

We'll discuss what Price Rx will look like on your site. Answer any of your questions and maybe tell a few jokes. Sometimes we're funny. If you like what you hear, you can start the trial! No risk, all potential...

Also feel free to email We'll get back asap.

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